Recent Publications

What Pride Means in This Moment,” WMC, June 2023.
The GOP’s ‘Freedom’ Hypocrisy,” MSNBC, March 2023.
The ‘Respect for Marriage’ Act is a Pitiful Bandaid,” NBC Think, Nov. 2022.
Author Julia Serano Separates Sex From Stigma,” The Advocate, July/Aug 2022 issue.
‘The Janes’ is a Timely, Haunting Documentary,” NBC Think, June 2022.
The Cost of Being a Bridesmaid,” DAME, June 2022.
bell hooks’ death is a call to action,” NBC Think, Dec. 2021.
White Feminism by Design,” The Los Angeles Review of Books, Nov. 2021.
I Want My Lesbian TV,‘ DAME, Sept. 2021.
Box, Office,” a review of The Very Nice Box, The Los Angeles Review of Books, Sept. 2021.
WMC Report on Sunday Morning Shows, Sept. 2021.
Jeffrey Toobin’s Performative Accountability,” NBC Think, June 2021.
“‘We Were Act UP,'” a review, The Advocate, May 2021 (Pride 2021 print issue).
Ellen’s Culture of Kindness Feels More Like Complicity,” NBC Think, May 2021.
Britney’s Fight for Freedom Reflects Our Own,” NBC Think, Feb. 2021.
Men’s Use and Abuse of Britney Spears,” CNN, Feb. 2021.
Harry Styles’ Vogue cover and the tyranny of the gender binary,” NBC Think, Nov. 2020.
The Misogynoir of ‘Equality,'” NBC Think, Sept. 2020.
COVID-19 Anti-maskers hypocritical ‘my body, my choice’ rhetoric,” NBC Think, Aug. 2020.
Coronavirus Protesters Shout ‘Liberty!’,” NBC Think, May 2020.
The Freedom to Love in Portrait of a Lady on Fire,” WMC, Feb. 2020.
Queer Women Worry About Staying Safe While Traveling,” Vice, Jan. 2020.
Edie Windsor’s Memoir Shatters Stereotypes,” Women’s Media Center, Nov. 2019.
Ellen, Dubya, and the Cost of Acceptance,” NBC Think, Oct. 2019.
Rad is America’s ultimate sports couple,” NBC Think, Aug. 2019.
Times Up on Heterosexuality,” NBC Think, Aug. 2019.
Reproductive Rights are Good for Business,” Women’s Media Center, May 2019.
What Does Women’s Equality Really Mean?,” NBC Think, March 2019.
How Some Lesbian Bars are Staying Alive (And Thriving) in 2019,” Out magazine, March 2019.
Karen Pence, LGBT Discrimination, & the Christian Right’s Embrace of Victimhood,” NBC Think, Jan. 2019.
Another Day, Another Mass Shooting,” NBC Think, Nov. 2018.
Why Hollywood’s Diversity Numbers Haven’t Budged,” Women’s Media Center, Aug. 2018.
Living Requires Forgetting, but Citizenship Demands Remembrance,” Stanford Live magazine, May/June 2018.
The patriarchal race to colonize Mars is just another example of male entitlement,” NBC Think, Feb. 2018.

Older Publications

I have written hundreds of articles, across many outlets. Below are links to my most prominent author/contributor pages:

AfterEllen: Author Page 1 & Author Page 2
Curve: (You’ll have to use the Way Back Machine to find these…)
Lambda Literary: Book reviews & my literary column
Pacific Standard: Literary & cultural long-form pieces
Quartz: Cultural & feminist opinions
Rolling Stone: Takes on entertainment culture
Salon: Cultural & feminist commentary
Slate: Cultural & feminist commentary
Mic: News & opinions (what they didn’t erase)
Vanity Fair: Feminist takes on Classic Hollywood
Vox: Politics
Women’s Media Center: Feminist media reflections