“The Janes” Haunting, Yet Hopeful, Message

A review of the HBO Max doc, “The Janes”

“The Janes” offers a template for organized feminist action. The organizing principle of the collective’s work is care – that all health care, fundamentally, should be based on compassionate care.


White Feminism By Design

“The Trouble with White Women”

My review of Kyla Schuller’s The Trouble with White Women: A Counterhistory of Feminism, contextualized within a discussion about recent publications on “white feminism.”


Band-Aid Equality Act

“Respect for Marriage”

The act not only does not codify same-sex marriage but more harmfully provides “religious liberty” protections.


The Latest News

December 11, 2022

Breaking Free is off to production. Let me tell you, holding down a full-time job and writing a book at the same time is no joke. I am beyond exhausted. My bones hurt.

Last month, I wrote about the nefarious “Respect for Marriage” Act for NBC Think. Not only is it a pathetic band-aid – like most equality legislation – it codifies “religious liberty” protections.

A few days later, I spoke about the act on PBS (Chicago WTTW).

I am now trying to find some down time amid the holiday season, wrangling cats into sweaters – ’tis the season.

~ Marcie


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