Box, Office

"The Very Nice Box"

My review of Laura Blackett & Eve Gleichman's The Very Nice Box for the Los Angeles Review of Books.


White Feminism By Design

"The Trouble with White Women"

My review of Kyla Schuller's The Trouble with White Women: A Counterhistory of Feminism, contextualized within a discussion about recent publications on "white feminism."


I Want My Lesbian TV

"40 Years of Homo Representation"

A cultural study of the representation of (homo)sexuality in television, in which I show how we've gone from operating inside the closet to dismantling it entirely.


Latest News

November 22, 2021

The impossible happened. My book project on freedom sold. I honestly cannot believe it. Still, weeks after the fact, it feels a bit unreal.

I cried upon seeing the Publishers Marketplace Deal Report:

I now have to figure out some solid time management skills in order to balance the demands of my day job with those of writing this book (as well as cat parenting). But, I am so excited to get Breaking Free out into the world — spring or fall 2023, I hope.

Thanks for reading and for your support over the years.

~ Marcie



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