"Box, Office"

"The Very Nice Box"

My review of Laura Blackett & Eve Gleichman's The Very Nice Box for the Los Angeles Review of Books.


Ellen's Legacy

"The Culture Has Changed. Can Ellen?"

An historical contextualization of Ellen's legacy that reveals how the culture of visibility and respectability that she helped to create may be her downfall.


I Want My Lesbian TV

"40 Years of Homo Representation"

A cultural study of the representation of (homo)sexuality in television, in which I show how we've gone from operating inside the closet to dismantling it entirely.


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Sept 25, 2021

This week, the Women's Media Center published its report on the gender and racial breakdown of Sunday morning talk shows. I was honored to be asked to write the report, even though the data-collection method was limited. For example, the white male Republican governor of Oklahoma, a guest on Fox News, was coded as Native American — the only native or Indigenous person to appear on Sunday shows in 2020. He is Native American on a racist technicality: his white grandfather fought to be on tribal rolls in order to possess native land. And, through this, Stitt is considered Native American.

My review of Laura Blackett and Eve Gleichman's The Very Nice Box appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books. In my review, I considered the meaning of boxes and in boxing one's life, including how we understand our own desires in terms of identity. On a personal note, I absolutely love this book — I read it three times in a week, sobbing at the end each time. It is, right now, my favorite book of the year and it would make for a terrific movie.

~ Marcie



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