Let Her Run Free

"The Misogynoir of 'Equality'"

Ever notice how "equality" is weaponized by white people who feel threatened by Black excellence?


Right-Wing Rhetoric Weaponizes Freedom

"Coronavirus Protestors Should 'Liberty!'"

Language matters — for decades, and especially during COVID-19, right-wing ideologues have weaponized the language of freedom to continue to oppress others.


Freedom in a Gucci Dress

"About Harry Styles' Vogue Cover"

Harry Styles' became the first man to grace the cover of Vogue — and his Gucci dress raised the ire of conservatives.


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November 18, 2020

Are any Leos out there having a hard time? The recent Mars and Mercury retrogrades were ... intense, to say the least. I'm trying to keep Chani Nicholas' Scorpio season reading for Leos at the fore of my mind:

There is no substitute for the wild spaces within which I flourish. No amount of careful curation can ever be as good a home to me as my natural habitat — with this new moon, I remember what is. I refuse to try to tame what needs to be feral or to dry out what needs to drip. I do not fit into prefab surroundings. I reclaim my energy from the paths that were set out for me so that I can see what route forward is calling me. As my long-term plans turn a corner, I get more clarity about where I want to go and what it might take to get there.

I've always felt like I've never fit into any prefab surroundings or organizations — whether I am too loud or too lesbian or too untimely.

Thankfully, my voice is still valued by some — my latest piece for NBC Think is about unpacking the gender panic around Harry Styles' Vogue magazine cover.


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