Misogyny Thrives Without Accountability

"Britney's Fans Are Rightly Angry at Justin"

Like many men, JT built his career off of cultural misogyny, and the exploitation of women's bodies in particular.


Let Her Run Free

"The Misogynoir of 'Equality'"

Ever notice how "equality" is weaponized by white people who feel threatened by Black excellence?


#FreeBritney, Free Ourselves

"Why We're Fascinated With Britney's Conservatorship"

Women's freedom to control their lives is tied to their freedom from being controlled. Britney's fight for freedom reflects our own.


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February 23, 2021

Hello friends!

The past couple of weeks have been consumed with Britney and cats. Busy, but not bad at all!

My two articles on Britney Spears focus on two elements of my argument on freedom: the inherent need for accountability, and how women constantly struggle to free themselves from the control of others. My CNN article (+2M hits in the first day!) describes how men continue to profit off of systemic misogyny when there is no accountability — no framework for it, and, really, no cultural language for it. My NBC article locates our interest in Britney's conservatorship battle in our own desire — and struggle — for freedom.

Other than thinking and writing about Britney, I have been herding cats like a proper lesbian. As I see it, this pandemic will have allowed me to assume the mantle of lesbian cat lady, full stop. I had planned to adopted one cat as a social companion for Simone — but, when I met the animal rescue folks in Oakland, they had a truck full of kittens! A mama cat gave birth to 8 boys in one litter! I had my eye on the runt, an orange-and-white creamsicle baby, who had a cold. But one of his older brothers — a dashing Siamese with a chunk of a face — kept vying for my attention. So, as Carol says, "well then, that's that."

Introducing Freddie (the orange-and-white tabby, named after Nietzsche) and Gorman (the Siamese, named after Amanda Gorman). Together, they represent the Power of Hope — a fitting message for the times, I think.

~ Marcie


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