Let Her Run Free

"The Misogynoir of 'Equality'"

Ever notice how "equality" is weaponized by white people who feel threatened by Black excellence?


Right-Wing Rhetoric Weaponizes Freedom

"Coronavirus Protestors Should 'Liberty!'"

Language matters — for decades, and especially during COVID-19, right-wing ideologues have weaponized the language of freedom to continue to oppress others.


Can Women Find Freedom in Love?

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Lesbian French filmmaker Céline Sciamma dilates the question through the clever plot device of portraiture structured by the female gaze, in what could be considered an inverted domestic tragedy in Portrait of a Lady on Fire.


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Sept 11, 2020

I am wearing a mask inside my apartment — not because of coronavirus fears, but because of the terrible air quality in the Bay Area. The belief that "it gets better" is increasingly a fallacy in this world.

Yesterday, my article on the injustice served to Caster Semenya was published at NBC. The themes I write about in it tie into my general critique of equality: the language of equality ("fairness," especially) is weaponized for domination, by those in power to maintain control — white people, and especially white men (but also complicit white women). I continue to hold the hope that people will wake up to the lie that is equality.

In the meantime, please enjoy this glorious photo of Simone de Beauvoir, who turned one at the end of August. (The exact date of her birth is unknown, since she and her siblings and mama were found in some California dustbowl and driven to the SF SPCA. However, I have made the executive decision that she is a Leo.) ~Marcie


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