bell hooks' Call to Action

"On bell hooks' passing"

A reflection on hooks' call to action — the practice of love — more relevant than ever.


White Feminism By Design

"The Trouble with White Women"

My review of Kyla Schuller's The Trouble with White Women: A Counterhistory of Feminism, contextualized within a discussion about recent publications on "white feminism."


I Want My Lesbian TV

"40 Years of Homo Representation"

A cultural study of the representation of (homo)sexuality in television, in which I show how we've gone from operating inside the closet to dismantling it entirely.


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December 28, 2021

The holidays feel somber. The passing of bell hooks and Joan Didion within days of each other have felt like such a tremendous loss, not to me, personally, but to the culture. Holidays feel particularly hard as the pandemic persists — as people refuse to think of themselves as citizens of the world, rather than existing in silos of their own creation.

This is in part the subject of my book, Breaking Free, which I am diligently at work on. (Admittedly, I am exhausted.)

I am very grateful for my cats during this time — bundles of endless joy.

Here's to a brighter '22.

~ Marcie



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