bell hooks' Call to Action

"On bell hooks' passing"

A reflection on hooks' call to action — the practice of love — more relevant than ever.


White Feminism By Design

"The Trouble with White Women"

My review of Kyla Schuller's The Trouble with White Women: A Counterhistory of Feminism, contextualized within a discussion about recent publications on "white feminism."


I Want My Lesbian TV

"40 Years of Homo Representation"

A cultural study of the representation of (homo)sexuality in television, in which I show how we've gone from operating inside the closet to dismantling it entirely.


The Latest News

April 27, 2021

First draft of Breaking Free is complete! I am chomping at the bit to get this book out into the world, because it is, finally, timely. (Unfortunately, it will be a solid year before it's available). Breaking free of equality, the equality mindset, the obsession with something so artificial, with the principle of the binary that keeps it all running ... this is our future. This is the future of feminism.

Other good news: Audre THEE Lorde, my new kitten, in addition to confirming my recently realized Lesbian Cat Lady lifestyle, is simply adorable and the glue that has bonded the (now) quartet.

Her EKG results showed that the hole in her heart (between her two ventricles) is so tiny that she does not need treatment and can get spayed. With the results, it has felt pretty amazing to just enjoy her kittenhood, without always worrying that she is going to keel over at any moment from heart failure. 

The coming months will bring editing of Breaking Free...but, also, my second book.

Time to return to Shakespeare? Perhaps in more ways than one....

~ Marcie



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